Game Time Indoor Soccer


Player Equipment


 Hard Ground cleats (regular soccer boots) are “NOT’ permitted.  Only Indoor soccer shoes or regular Tennis Shoes are allowed.

Indoor soccer balls will be provided by Game Time Arena but every team is encouraged to bring their own soccer balls as well.

Every team is responsible for bringing their own warm up soccer balls.

Game Play Rules

 No Slide tackling for field players.

Slide tackles and reaching for the ball are different and the reff will make the call.

Only the Goalkeeper can slide “Inside” his area.  The GK is considered a field player outside his area, therefore he cannot slide tackle.  In the event that the GK slides or touches the ball with his hand/s outside his area it is an infraction and a yellow card for the GK.

If a field player slide tackles a player or slides for the ball inside the Goalie area on the defending team, it is automatically a Penalty kick for the attacking team.  If the defending team has less than 3 fouls on the books 1 will be added for this infraction. If the defending team has 4 fouls on the books the 4 fouls will remain on the books, infraction was a penalty foul count remains at 4.

Penalty kicks are taken from the penalty spot.  The player taking the penalty can only take 1 step when taking the penalty (for Men).  For females, the player taking the penalty has to be inside/in front of the 1st line. When taking a penalty and the penalty is either blocked by the keeper of bounces off the goal frame or wall, the player that took the penalty is ineligible therefore if he scores off a rebound the goal will not count. The player that took the penalty has to wait until another player plays the ball to him or tries to clear the ball.

For any infraction or out of bounds play, the team rewarded the ball or free kick can start play at any time as long as the ball is not at a advantage distance from the signaled spot.  Players do “NOT” have to wait for reff to blow the whistle.  The defending team is allowed to set up a man wall at 3 normal steps distance of the ball.  If the defending team sets a man wall and the man wall is not at a minimum of 3 normal steps distance of the ball and is struck by the ball that player struck by the ball will receive a Blue card for delay of game and will have to sit out for 2 minutes (no player sub).  The team of the player who received the Blue card will play a man short for those 2 minutes (the reff will track the time)

No checking into the wall (automatic yellow or red card) depending on the play.

When challenging a ball on the wall keep hands off the player closest to the wall.  Putting hands or leaning on the player with the ball is a foul.

Player with the ball on the wall can only place/use 1 hand on the wall to protect himself, once he places/uses 2 hands on the wall and pushes himself off the wall to bump the opposing player it is considered an infraction and the other team gets the ball.

Goalkeeper “Cannot” pick up the ball if a teammate passes the ball back to him.  If this happens the opposing team is awarded a free kick from the exact spot of the infraction and the team awarded the free kick. The reff will set the ball down down and count the steps and whistle for play to start.

When the ball touches “ANY” part of the net, it is considered out and the other team gets the ball and will restart the game from the ground.  (No Throw in)

Only 1 defender can challenge a player with the ball on “ANY” part of the wall, if a second defender challenges an infraction will be called and the player with the ball will get a restart.  (Referees will be very strict on all challenges on the wall for the safety of all players.)

3 Lines is when “ANY” player kicks the ball in the air past the 3 lines.  When a 3 line infraction is called, the other team gets a free kick from the 1st line on the opponents half and they do not have to wait for the other team or Ref to play the ball.

On a 3 Line infraction the team defending is allowed to set up a wall on the edge of the goalie area.  If a defending player is not on this line or behind it and gets hit by the ball it is an automatic Blue card for delay of game with a 2 minute penalty (no player sub)

If a team makes a substitution and one player enters the field and no player steps off the field (team has 7 players on the field) the other team will be awarded possession of the ball.  The player that stepped on the field will receive a blue card and this team will play a man short for 2 minutes.

If any player commits a foul & gets a yellow or blue card, that player has to step off the field for 2 minutes and his/ her team will play a man short. ( reff will pause the game for player that received the yellow card to step off the field )

If a player gets a 2nd yellow card in the same game (2 yellows = Red) that player has to be subbed out and is ineligible for the remainder of that game. 

A player who receives a direct Red card, that player is ineligible for the remainder of the game and his team will play with a man short for the remainder of the game.  (Also a 1 or 2 game suspension)

Players will receive a blue card for delay of game or as a warning from the reff and will have to step off the field for 2 minutes and his team will play a man short.


Fouls and Infractions

When a team accumulates 5 fouls as a team the opposing team will be awarded a penalty kick.

The following calls “Will Not” go down as fouls or infractions; Ball goes out of bounds, ball touches any part of the ceiling, 3 line infraction, invalid/wrong restart of play.

The following calls “Will” go down as fouls; Fouling a player accidentally or on purpose during play or not, delay of game (interfering on a quick restart from the other team this includes not holding the correct distance from the foul, kicking the ball to avoid the other team from a quick restart, taking too long to restart the game to waste time, player carded (blue or yellow) not walking off the field), using profanity towards other players or referee, too many players on the field, intentional or non intentional hand balls, slide tackling, 2 defenders on 1 attacker on the wall. 

Game Day Rules

Every Game will start at the time scheduled.

15 minute wait time will be given, after the 15 minutes is up the team that doesn’t show up will forfeit the match and take a loss on their record and the other team will get the win by a score of 3-0.

Teams can start a game with a minimum of “4” players.

It is up to the coach or captain of the complete team that is present to allow a team that is short of players to use other players to play in the game. 

(2) 22 minute halves.

Each team will have to pay $20.00 referee Fee “Before” the 2nd half begins.

Players who received yellow cards will be fined $5.00.

Players who received a Red card in their last game and took care of their suspension will be fined $15.

If for any reason you cannot make your game please call and notify us at least 8 hours in advance.


Game Results

Games that end up in a tie will be a tie and each team will get 1 point.  (In playoffs, the game will go directly to penalties kicks.  Each team will designate 3 penalty takers.) Any player can play the position of goalie for penalty kicks.

3 points for the team that wins the game.

0 points for the team that loses the game.

Team rosters

To add a player to a team roster, each player must register (take picture, sign waiver, pay his/her registration) to be added to a teams roster. NO WAIVER = NO CARD, NO EXCEPTIONS

Maximum of 12 players per team roster.  (14 for Premier)

Teams can have a minimum of 9 players on their roster.

Teams can add players to their roster during the season until roster is full.  The player(s) added to the roster has to play at least 3 games during the regular season to be eligible to play for this team in playoffs.

No one may play on two teams in the same Division

      A team using a player who did not complete a waiver prior to playing will forfeit

      that game.




The referee’s power to assess penalties and maintain control of the game includes          violations committed during play, during stoppages, and as the players and others proceed to and from the field. The referee has the power to:


Warn/Penalize/Caution/Eject - From the time the referee enters the building he has the power to penalize any player, coach, or spectator for fouls or misconduct as stated in these Rules and to give warnings or time penalties, including blue, yellow, or red cards, regardless of whether the ball is in play.

 Declare an Advantage - The referee allows play to continue when the team against which an offense has been committed could benefit from such an advantage.

 Stop, Suspend, or Terminate the Game - The referee has the discretionary power to stop the game for any violation and to suspend or terminate the game because of the elements, interference by spectators, extreme misconduct, or other situation which he deems unsafe or unacceptable. In the case of a terminated game, the outcome of the game and any necessary disciplinary action will be determined by the facility manager.

 Prohibit Entry onto the Field - The referee ensures that no unauthorized persons enter the field.

 Halt Play Due to Injury - The referee may stop the game if a player has been injured and have the player removed from the field.

Assistant Scoreboard Referee

The assistant referee shall be positioned outside the field, adjacent to the referee’s crease. His responsibilities include:


 -Ensure that every person entering the bench or the field - for whatever reason  presents his own ID card,

 Ensures that no unauthorized persons enter the field,

 collect officials’ fees before the game can start,

 start the clock at the scheduled start time and keep the time for the duration of the game,

-Record fouls and time penalties, goals scored and player statistics,

sound the horn to indicate illegal substitutions,

 inform a player when his time penalty will expire,

 sound the horn or otherwise inform the referee about any fouls or misconduct on the bench, in the stands, or on the field behind the referee’s back,

 assist the referee by watching for and indicating a 3 line violations, b) ball out of bounds, and/or c) anything else requested by the referee.